Kitten foster home Seattle, WA foster_kittens

Foster home for kittens in the suburbs of Seattle. Now fostering tiny, trilling Tessa and her Koalas for the Seattle Humane Society.

By popular request, the lava cake recipe I use is written below. I make it in a pressure cooker and honestly don't know how to convert it to another form of cooking. So, definitely go buy a pressure cooker and then make it. If you're not interested in the recipe, then please just enjoy this adorable kitten video. (Also what is wrong with you?!?! It's LAVA CAKE!) ... You will need: 1 stick butter 3 eggs 1 egg yolk 1 cup semi sweet chocolate chips 1 tbs Vanilla 6 tbs flour 1 cup powdered sugar Directions: Place chocolate chips and butter in a large bowl and microwave for 2 minutes. Mix until well combined. Mix in powdered sugar until smooth. Add 3 eggs and egg yolk until well combined. Add vanilla and flour and stir until well combined. Spray four, 6-oz oven-proof bowls with cooking spray. Pour batter into each bowl filling to the top. Place your trivet in your pressure cooker with one cup of water poured underneath. Place your bowls on the trivet. I had to fit 3 on the bottom and one on the top. Place your pot on Manual High Pressure for 9 minutes. Do a quick release. Remove from the pressure cooker and place upside down on a plate. Top with ice cream, caramel, whipped cream, bananas, etc. ... (This recipe is from The Adventures of a Nurse blog)
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8528 | 79 | 8 hours ago
I don't understand why people do drugs to have fun I mean have you tried something like mac and cheese or kittens? They're fun too.
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11623 | 136 | 13 hours ago
"If only I had checked myself." ~ Kitten who wrecked himself
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10205 | 99 | 22 hours ago
Me: No, I actually don't spend all my time watching kittens wander aimlessly. Morgan Freeman's voice, as narrator: But she does. Oh, yes she does.
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10668 | 105 | 1 day ago
A few moments with sweet Tessa.
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9823 | 60 | 1 day ago
Game of Thrones except instead of thrones it's a puffball and actually what are we fighting about again?
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11510 | 129 | 1 day ago
I mean, yeah, this toy looks like someone left their tumor lying around. But the kittens love it and that's what matters.
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8824 | 82 | 1 day ago
Food: If you pick it up within five seconds of dropping it, it's still good to eat. Kittens: If they get up within five seconds of falling, they actually didn't fall at all.
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9150 | 74 | 2 days ago
I'm going back and forth between working on the eulogy for my dad's funeral and using my inhaler to control my coughing. My daughter pours a warm, sleepy Arthur into my arms and I'm reminded to B R E A T H E.
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18003 | 292 | 2 days ago
Marvin: I don't know .... I was just hugging this kitten and was like, 'My problems! Where did they all just go?!'
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26239 | 431 | 2 days ago
Arthur was too busy exploring, but Mia snuggled right up to Marvin for a baff.
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21568 | 650 | 3 days ago
My Mia Mouse.
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20098 | 147 | 3 days ago
This was from last night, when I had two snuggly friends while I was reading.
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12296 | 83 | 3 days ago
They make me smile all over my face. Sorry about the abrupt end to the live video tonight. My phone battery died. 😬
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10903 | 55 | 4 days ago
Arthur goes on a field trip.
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10887 | 110 | 4 days ago
Today was a hard day for me. My dad passed away this morning. So, I've lost both my parents within six months of each other. My dad was the brilliant but socially awkward absent-minded professor type. The walls of our home library were covered in U.S. patents awarded to him for his work in optical engineering. I was his blond, extroverted, social butterfly little girl who loved flowers and kittens and disagreed with math. We had an amusing "Exactly HOW much DNA do we share?!" type of relationship that still makes me smile. My dad had dementia over the last several years, and was like a toddler toward the end. He was very sweet, and would often ask where my mom was after she passed, and we'd have to break the news to him all over again. I'm glad they are together again after 63 years of marriage. My parents showed me a pattern of kindness and respect and friendship, and I hope to continue the pattern in my own relationships. Also, I love Tessa. That is all. 😊
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16101 | 2577 | 5 days ago
It's time for a Marvin-appreciation post. Marvin is staying with us while his family builds a new house. It'll be finished in about a month, so please join me in hoping that the builder mildly injures himself and takes another year to finish it or makes an enormous mistake like forgetting to put up all the walls or something so that Marvin can stay with me forever.
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16898 | 497 | 5 days ago
Guess who went all day without having a poopy bum? Not Arthur, but I'm sure that someone, somewhere did.
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24167 | 343 | 5 days ago
Good night moon Good night air Good night Graybies Everywhere
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11916 | 120 | 6 days ago
I told Arthur that he was cute when he was trying to be fierce and now he's mad at me and told his mom and long story short I'm typing this in timeout.
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13604 | 140 | 6 days ago
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