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Foster home for kittens in the suburbs of Seattle. Click here to order my super adorable 2017 calendar 👇🏻

Here they are! Three, 3-month old girls. They already have names which I will keep because they are based on an amazing movie and if you can guess which movie then you are invited to my birthday party. Their names are Gretchen, Karen and Regina and they will wear pink on Wednesdays.
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All set up for new kittens! What's amazing to me is that everything in this room was a donation - food, blankets, toys, litter, cat trees. (Ok, I bought the turquoise chair myself but how could I resist? It's amazing.) Cat people are awesome! I'll have our three new little girls in about forty five minutes.
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Spending a few quiet moments with lovely Marvin. . Seattle humane society has three little kitties for me to pick up this evening! They were spayed yesterday and seem to be coming down with kitty colds. They are miserable at the shelter and need a soft landing for a couple of weeks until they feel better. As soon as Marvin stops being so cute, I'll set up some heated beds and cozy blankets in the kitten room.
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Throwback to Maggie and her Maglets, four tiny Siamese kittens dressed in tiger stripes. This is for @maggie_rum who adopted mama Maggie (now Mia), and is sick in bed this week. I hope this video of your grand-kittens helps you feel better, Maggie! To see the Maglets all grown up: @jasperandsadie and @official_kittycat_business (Music by Paul Cardall)
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I WILL GIVE A HOMEMADE LAVA-CAKE TO THE NEXT PERSON WHO GIVES ME KITTENS TO FOSTER. I'm looking at you, @purrfect_pals and @seattlehumane 😊😊
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By request: Cole gets scolded. #BiteyMcBiteFace Fun fact about Cole: He was adopted by a dear friend of mine. Her two little girls give me giant hugs and adorable Cole-updates when I see them. Cole's most recent achievements are shaking hands and standing on his hind legs when he wants something. Also, he spent two hours stalking a mouse in the playroom, finally caught and presented it proudly to his family, and then promptly let it go. Good old Cole!! @youngkingcole2016
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Throwback to when I broke the news to Harry 🔈🔉🔊 The Feline Leukemia kitties I told you about last week get to go live in a sanctuary in Austin, TX that can help them get adopted. There were several cats, of varying degrees of sociability, from the same colony who are FeLV+ and this sanctuary is a great solution for them. So, they won't be coming to my house after all. They will fly to Texas Monday morning! Hopefully I'll get kittens soon!
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We're spending a few days at @suncadia resort and proving that we're better at helping Marvin dress his truth than at ice skating.
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"Cat 911, what's your emergency?" Marvin: These girls pinned me down and they're cutting matted fur off my tummy! Cat 911: "OMG RUN!" Marvin: wait lol never mind they brought treats Cat 911: lol oh good
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#Repost @purrfect_pals with @repostapp ・・・ In January 2016, Pasado's Safe Haven rescued 47 cats and kittens from deplorable conditions after they were abandoned in their home in Snohomish. Orchestra (for those who follow @foster_kittens, she went by Eloise) and 10 of her friends were quickly transferred to Purrfect Pals, where they could be safe, warm, fed regularly and receive much needed medical care and socialization. Typical of cats from hoarding situations, Orchestra came in scared, shy, under-socialized, unspayed and with an upper respiratory infection. In the year since coming to us, Orchestra received the medical care she needed, regular meals and loads of TLC. In addition to her foster home, she spent time in our intensive socialization program at the Monroe Reformatory with an inmate specially trained in working with these cats. Unfortunately, when she was taken to the prison she developed stress diarrhea, which is unusual. Orchestra is better socialized than when she came to us a year ago, but she remains nervous/skittish around people, and is still not a fan of being picked up, undoubtedly a holdover from her experience in the hoarding situation, Recently, a wonderful woman, a vet tech, came to the shelter to find a cat. We showed her all of our adoptable cats, both the easy, well adapted ones as well as the more challenging ones. In the end, she really connected with Orchestra and promptly took her home. Orchestra’s new mom lives alone, with no other animals, and has a lot of experience with under-socialized cats like Orchestra. Today we’re including you in our celebration of this awesome, happy new beginning! Another cat you may have followed, Prince George, (@foster_kittens called him Prince Henry) is still at the prison along with some other Pasado’s cats. We are still seeing slow but steady “baby steps” of progress each week when we visit the prison. When we got these cats we could barely pick them up because they were truly terrified of people. They are still learning to trust people but we can now hold them, trim their nails, and they are finally playing with toys. When they're ready for forever homes we'll be sure to let you know.
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By request: Amelia tells me about her day. See her all grown up at: @autocats09
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The actual reason slow-motion videos were invented. Our family is making some foster decisions this weekend. As you know, most kittens are born in the warmer months, and don't show up in shelters until about March here in Washington state. But I have this lovely, empty foster room just waiting to be useful. Currently, @purrfect_pals is working with @pasados to treat cats rescued from a difficult situation (see the link in my bio). Two of the kitties, Harley and Victor, are friendly and could potentially be adoptable after gaining some weight in foster care. Sounds perfect for me and my empty kitten room! The downside is - both boys have tested positive (twice) for Feline Leukemia. Purrfect Pals has a special Feline Leukemia sanctuary on their property, and is the best hope for these two sweet boys. My family discussed fostering these boys and we are split down the middle. We are concerned about our own cats contracting this incurable disease, but also know that there are steps we can take to keep our resident cats safe. After our family chat, we have assignments: I'll talk to my dear friend who owns a vet practice. Emmy's mom (who has a scientific mind) will research the pathogens involved and how they spread and report back. My husband will call his brother who has a post-doctorate degree in animal medicine and ask his opinion as well. Felix's mom has to be restrained from walking the thirty miles to Purrfect Pals to bring the boys here on her own. 😊 Anyway, we will let you know as things progress. This has been a good reminder to me of the harder side of fostering. It's not all adorable kittens and sweet mamas.
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By request: Winston hears his biography, and slinky's down the stairs.
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There are two kinds of people in the world: 1. Those who love Winston and Albert throwbacks 2. Big fat liars.
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This is a tribute video for Lucy who passed away a few weeks ago after having a seizure. Usually when kittens graduate from foster care, we celebrate, and I felt like I wanted to honor Lucy's Graduation as well. At first I cried as I worked on it, but by the end, I felt like it was a good sample of Lucy's happy little life. I understand 100% if you aren't ready to watch it, but it was quite cathartic for me to make. (The song is Emma Stone singing 'Fools Who Dream' from the movie La La Land.) #welovelucyforever
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Felix and I are re-decorating the kitten room. #weneedkittens
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Throwback to the first few weeks we spent with Olivia and her Olives, who were illegally cute and fat. To see them all in their forever homes, check my @foster_kittensfaq account.
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A compilation of some of my favorite past videos featuring Sophia and the Chocolate Chips.
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Actual Bowl Games #superbowl #thebiggame
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I hosted a Girl's Night for my friends and neighbors where we learned more about pressure cooking. Each guest was given a folder with tips, recipes, and a tuft of Felix fur.
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