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So far, the hunter upon the plain Pastels grace the corridor of the sky, mirroring his inner peaceful Awareness. Yet, within this sacred silence a distress call can be seeking equilibrium. It is a communication, for the expressions originate not from the individual, but from a far greater Collective....these inner expressions seek an exterior outlet. Speaking in tones and symbols, and after listening deeply, he realizes that this is the Voice of Gaia. Our Mother. Gaia needs ALL of Us right now. Quiet the mind. We must learn to manifest first through our thoughts, giving us the opportunity to take effective action. Only then can we begin to grasp our highest calling and truly live free. 🔻Standing below 🔻 Alone with his thoughts, spinning speculations of which no absolute truths, guidance, or insights exist...he begins to look Inward. Doing so he realizes the outer world has no equal to this inner connection to Source. 🔺Standing above 🔺 He hears the Ancients Guidance within Knowing, that an Open Heart is the only way to receive these insights, and that the mind (once silenced) serves only as a humble servant to the One Infinite Creator. Going Within shall put you at the gates of Intelligent Infinity, which lead unto the Great Unknown, The Eternal we are met with a deep knowing/understanding that Love is The Original Thought, from which EVERYTHING springs forth. Rainbow auroras now pervade the deep arc of the sky, representing a reflection within the hunter of the Union/Merging of Divine Will with that of his own. The inner and outer become balanced, focused, and stronger; converging into One. Now, a Warrior emerges, forged in the Light of a Loving Unified Consciousness, gaining the necessary tools to engage this malignancy and to finally embrace a Life free from oppression and control. Precision and perspective of the #Eagle Persistence and cunning of the #Wolf. Fearlessness and freedom of the #Buffalo An Awakened #RainbowWarrior now exists: #HigherSelf guided and flanked by Legions of Light, from every realm, timeline, and dimension...Intimately connected to #AllThatIs in this Now moment. The World is waking up ✨ 022317
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Anger, he smiles, towering in shiny metallic purple armour. Queen Jealousy, envy waits behind him. Her fiery green gown sneers at the grassy ground. Blue are the life-giving waters taken for granted. They quietly understand. Once happy turquoise armies lay opposite ready, But wonder why the fight is on. But they're all bold as love Just ask the Axis My red is so confident that he flashes trophies of war, and ribbons of euphoria. Orange is young, full of daring, But very unsteady for the first go round. My yellow in this case is not so mellow. In fact I'm trying to say it's frigthened like me. And all these emotions of mine keep holding me from giving my life to a rainbow like you. But, I'm bold as love, just ask the Axis. He knows everything. Yeah Yeah Yeah! #JimiHendrix #BoldAsLove #Lyrics #Love #ThisSong #Artwork #CamillaDerrico This dude was practically channeling pure #Loving #Joyous #Source vibrations, through the lens of his personality, the energy was made manifest and accessible to so many others here on Earth through the sharing of #Vibration. Through the truly infinite intricacies and complexities of #Sound and #Tone. #Music #Poetry and #Singing combined, is pure magic. The effects of this potent energy surface upon the physical body as #Frisson...It is understood that all music preference is highly subjective and unique, which is beautiful in itself, as when it comes time to kick our own jams, we all know just how powerful, moving, and transformative music can be. A fast acting vibrational uplift that helps alleviate #Emotional and #Physical #Suffering. #MusicIsMagic #Healing #Uplifting #Raising #Vibrations #WeAreOne #OneVerse
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While attempting mindfulness and awareness of my thoughts at all times, while very difficult at times, has allowed me to notice just how many times, and with a relentless frequency these undercurrents of subconscious thought arise up out of seemingly nowhere. Negative self talk that is always complaining or blaming, lowering vibrations, and the repetition; many, many times a day, perhaps even without our conscious realization. All for the sole purpose of the intentional feeding of voracious, consumeristic, ever distracting forever wanting #Ego. Unaware of this internal dialogue, we perhaps unknowingly create a reality based on Scarcity. Elite societies have planted seeds of their not being enough, creating the #Illusions of #Scarcity and #Lack, giving rise to the even lower vibrations of #Fear #Worry and #Despair. Yet all there is, is #Abundance. This a powerful realization in lessons of #Awareness and #Willpower...that our thoughts affect the entirety of reality, the physical world exists solely because of our thoughts. As we approach #Eternity, or the #EternalNow, we no longer buy into their game, we are creating our own. We are catalyzing Awareness, #Mindfulness, and focused #Intention to form the keys that unlock the doors of pure potential and to effortlessly #Manifest/vibrate into another reality, a coalescing of our highest choosing and then crystallizing into this currently dense physical even that is beginning to change ✨ 021717 #Ascension #3D #Transitioning #4D #WeAreOne #LoveIsTheAnswer #Consciousness #Evolution #WakeUp #RiseUp #PowerUp #BecomeTheMaster #RealityCreator ✊🏼💪🏼👊🏼
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#Rp @the_law_of_one: Within this cycle of experience at the very center of self lies that same original Thought of love which shines out of the night sky from each star. Each soul within incarnation is also a star. Each drowning in the sea of confusion is also a master. And yet the goal is not to remember the masterhood as much as to begin to sense the lack of necessity for understanding. The goal of this sea of confusion is to drive the attention at last from trust in the logic, and the sense of the mind and the intellect, into the heart, to release at last the demand that the life experience make any certain kind of sense, and the creation of that energy of fearlessness that is able at last to say that, “I know that I do not understand and yet, I know that I live in a world that makes complete sense. I know that I do not understand the plan and yet I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is a plan. I know that I shall never understand what I am doing but I have come to know that I cannot make a mistake.” Then, at last, the soul within is free to take the leap of faith, where the meaning and the sense of life, in the metaphysical way of looking at it, begins only when that leap into midair is taken. The demands of sense and logical neatness are abandoned in favor of the full confidence in the support that comes in midair. -Q'uo -The Law Of One This transcript in it's entirety found free for your inspiration at (Dated: 2002 Jun 14) ❤️🍊💛💚💙💜💗 ☥☥☥💚☥☥☥ #TheLawOfOne #LawOfOne (The Ra Material) (All Material)
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A gently curved and 1.5 oz, 3.1” by 0.9” by 0.9” slightly opalescent #Pink #Lemurian #Wand and from the #SerraDoCabral Mountains in #Brazil with two students and two keys at her healed base. In spite of a slightly opalescent nature, there is incredible clarity with gentle Lemurian lines that allow her to fill with light. The #Diamantina mines for the pink Lemurians are closed and this is a new find, making her very special. She has a small ding to her termination and certainly looks like a #Dow, and has that energy. Personal power crystals, filled with loving energies that will both delight and astound with her joyous vibrations! Placing fingers along the Lemurian lines and gently rub, ask permission to enter, and then allow the mind to float deep into the crystal. Rapture in the pink rays that spill over like a waterfall! Feeling that energy that was uniquely Lemurian and knowing the purity of Power that rises from within the Spirit is One with the Earth, with the Universe and with Itself. This Power is the only true Power because it emanates from #Love and is selfless. And this is the Power the Earth needs now. #Awaken #Lost #Healing #Remember #Nature #Reconnect #Wisdom #Knowledge #ForGaia ✊🏼 #Assisting #ANewEarth #Emerging #Paradigm #NoMoreGreed
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#Rp ✨🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼✨ @4biddenknowledge: Prayer as most people understand it: An earnest hope or wish. A solemn request for help. (Begging an invisible sky wizard). . Prayer as I understand it: sending a valid request into the #UniversalConsciousness and expecting that request to manifest before the request is even sent. Commanding the universal and Galactic forces by sending my matching frequency into timespace (#QuantumEntanglement) and bending The Matrix to my will. Expecting completion before completion. Wielding Universal Powers through conscious thought. (Power Over My Own Destiny) Do you see the difference??? #WhenTheStudentIsReadyTheTeacherWillAppear #4biddenknowledge
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So amped to be back at it 😎 So thankful for all those who sent love and healing vibes my way during the healing process ✨🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼✨ And for the lessons I gained from the inability of playing music and accessing that state of being called Flow. Oh how I've missed you! 😩😂🙏🏼✨ #Flow #Thankful #Love #Gratitude #Reiki #Healing #Appreciation #SouthFlorida #Musician #Improv #Jam #Jamming #Acoustic #Original #Guitar #Riff #InstaMusic #Musiclover #MusicIsMagic #MusicIsLife #MusicTime #Instajam #Love #Vibration #Light #Creation #SourceChannel
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All #humans have brains, but there are not so many who know how to use them effectively in order to harmoniously evolve together with Nature. There is also the human heart which carries out vital functions of the human body. Human heart has to go through the challenging process of refining the feelings and emotions so we can enjoy a quality life. The argument of what is more important, the Human Heart or the Human Brain, has been a cornerstone between scientific minds and followers of the spiritual beliefs. What should govern human life – rational way of thinking or emotions? Should we listen to our intellect or follow out heart? It seems that it is almost impossible to combine both of them, just like fire and water. Too much fire can turn water into air and too much water can put the fire down. However, if you really know how to use both, you can find the way for them to work in a powerful synergy and create a steam engine. Nevertheless, scientists would most likely argue that the human brain is more significant than the human heart. After all, there is a rational explanation for that – the human brain is much more complicated than the human heart. One of the main functions of the human brain is to receive and transmit information, which gives humans a chance to communicate with surrounding environment. Due to the work of human brain we know how our skin feels when we touch something, we know how the birds sing when they do, we know how flowers smell, we know how a strawberry tastes. The human brain is needed to transform our thoughts into words and it also allows us to control the movement of our body and its parts. In many cases, we really take for granted the power of the human brain and what it can do. If we look at the human heart, it may seem that it only has one major function in the human body – to pump blood. Nevertheless, the human heart is an extraordinary organ that works as long as we live. While the human brain is involved in complicated work, the human heart sends extra blood to the areas of the brain that need more power. ✋🏾(More in comments @freedom_faction) #Aura
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#Verbal #Communication has certainly played an import role in humanities progress and growth...but is now almost becoming obsolete and cumbersome. Words fail miserably when attempting to convey complex ideas and are simply inadequate when communicating an event/dream/altered state, which is itself beyond words. #Telepathy eliminates all confusion and misunderstandings: a deeper, intimate, and efficient form of communication we will all soon embrace. The #CIA just #Declassified hundreds of thousands of documents detailing #Psychic #Phenomena (including telepathy) and extensive #UFO files...not to mention, most abductees report that telepathy between the beings is quite the norm...Which raises the question that if the Visitors have this ability to communicate with us in this way, then that means we as humans have the hardware so to speak...#Thought #Transference as #ThoughtsAreThings 🤔 The time for the #Awakening of this ability en masse is rapidly approaching and cannot be stopped. #AgeOfAquarius #FourthDensity #NewEarth #Ascension
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'Araneae Signum' Found this drawing from like 10 years ago, and was absolutely geeked on No-doz 😂 Well before I learned of Sacred Geometry...perhaps a recreation with these concepts are in order 🤔 #Foxroar #Original #Art #Artist #Drawing #Doodle #Sketch #InstaArt #Iphone6 #Photoshop #Filters #Arachnid #Spider #Symbol #Portal
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#Blue #Tourmaline (#Indicolite) in Light #Smoky #Quartz with #Albite Light smoky #Brazilian #DoubleTerminated quartz, 3.7 oz and 3.5” by 1.25” by 1.1” with clarity in the termination and misting at the healed base. Some areas have a bit of teeny druse with albite in areas around the base, and an ancient key along one side and a little student on the other. Within the #Key are insets of Riebeckite and she has tiny quartz #Manifestors inside alond with a plethora of slender needles of Indicolite (#BlueTourmaline). #Lemurian lines on her sides containing a #Glyphs and her Termination is #Cathedraled on one side. A very unusual crystal offering a variety of energies, as the Blue Tourmaline is a potent #ThirdEye stimulator while the smoky, even in its palest state, is a #Protector. We perceive things on many levels including the occult, and working with this #Spirit can assist with the decoding and putting into physical expression so that one can communicate both to the Self and others exactly what you see, #Vision. Blue Indicolite tourmaline in combination with the intensifying quality of Quartz results in a powerful tool for those engaged in self healing as they can be influential aids in the awakening of #Psychic perceptions. Assisting the capacity to articulate insights; which can lead to life changing decisions being made, while also assisting one in developing skills including #SpiritCommunication, #Clairvoyance, #Clairaudience, #Clairsentience and #Prophecy. 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
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👆🏼 👆🏼 Awakening End Game 🔸The fall of the mainstream media 🔸 Trust in the mainstream media has fallen to an all-time low and continues to plummet. Much of this has to do with an increasingly aware and disgruntled public: More are able to discern a #MainstreamMedia totally lacking in integrity, thanks to the rising popularity of the independent/alternative media exposing the dishonesty. The real #FakeNews exists in the mainstream media with its #Propaganda and #MindControl programs. 🔸Trust in Government and Big Business has fallen to an all-time low 🔸 From multiple polls, the distrust and unpopularity implicitly expressed by the public on these crooked institutions with their resident crooks mainly come from the truth revelations put out by the alternative/independent media. 🔸Marches against Monsanto have intensified🔸 Marches against #Monsanto from people of many different backgrounds all over the world have risen significantly and don’t seem to be losing any momentum. Earnings have plummeted for the biotech company illustrating a growing public disdain, as more realize that Monsanto are out to patent, own, and control every seed in the world. Threatening the destruction and diversity of every natural God given seed. 🔸Increasing recognition of disinformation🔸 Many are now seeing right through various media sources with their PAID #Shills, #Trolls, pseudo-debunkers and controlled #Disinformation Agents. It's almost becoming comical as these activities come to light. 🔸Rise in local meet up groups🔸 Ideal for exchanging information to wake people up. Large groups become easily infiltrated and given deliberate disinformation, where the smaller local groups exude cooperation, creativity, and new thought...hard targets to infiltrate, in fluence or deceive with only a few tight core members. 🔸Awakening through unknown/unforeseen processes🔸 As one example, claims have been made recently of entering into an energetic area of the Galaxy that could affect our spirituality and transform us. #Ascension #AgeOfAquarius #TheHarvest #TheWorldIsWakingUp #NoMoreDeception #NoMoreLies #EyesOpen #NoFear #OpenHeart #OpenMind #Consciousness #Shift #Revolution
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#WTF #Cobwebs 😱😷😷 #Chemtrails #SouthFlorida #SprayDay
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#Rp ✨👽💗🙏🏼✨ 👉🏼@luxconvergence The last 24hrs have been the best of my entire life. So grateful to have experienced them with these two amazing souls. When the right energies converge, and in the right location... magick happens. ✨✨✨ A very insightful and expansive experience as we experienced a harmonious energetic triangulation of our energies combined. The planetary spheres joined in with the crashing of the waves on the shore to communicate to us answers to our personal requests. Laying on the sand composed of silicon dioxide (quartz crystal) it was the perfect conductor for our intentions of love, gratitude, and to be shown that which is of the highest good for our growth on all levels. @matthew_kurtyka #Light #Love #Magick #StarFamily #SoulTribe #Gratitude #Appreciation #Channeled #Insight #Majestic #Gaia #Shaman #Guiding #Light
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#Meditate upon the complete #Unity of yourself and all that you see. Do this not once, and not simply in present circumstances, but at all times, and especially in difficult circumstances. For insofar as you love and feel at one with those things which are difficult for you, to that extent will those circumstances be alleviated. This is not due to any laws within our physical illusion, but is due to the #LawOfLove, for that body which is of #Spirit, which is interpenetrated with the physical body, is higher than your physical body, and those changes which you make by #Love upon your spiritual body will, of necessity, reflect themselves within the physical illusion. #Ra #TheRaMaterial #TheLawOfOne #LawOfOne #IAMRa #CarlaRueckert #DonElkins #JimMcCarty #Channeling #BlueAvians #SphereBeingAlliance 🔵👽 #SixthDensity #Guardians #Guides #AgeOfAquarius #Powerful #Conscious #Creators #WeAre #Awaken #TheLoveWithin #Ascension #Orenda
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Any fool can know. The point is to understand #AlbertEinstein At first, attainment of knowledge seems to be the goal in the advancement of Self. But knowledge alone does not lead to Wisdom. Through right thought and right action, and application of acquired knowledge; we are poised for a quantum leap toward Wisdom. Here we move to fully embrace our creative energies and deepest desires to be the driving force behind our #Consciousness: transcending the very knowledge that was used to accelerate us to this point. This is where we let go of all that we 'know', it is here where we align ourselves to the path of Wisdom. We are, each one of us, powerful co-creators for we all share a common #Origin. #Source or #AllThatIs is simultaneously the #Creator, #Creation, and the #Created from a place beyond #Time; the #Present, the #EternalNow. Yet each of us experience this creation from seemingly separate subjective experiences. #Awareness. Recognize this Illusion for what it is, a hologram for learning and experiencing. It's a #Mirror for the energies you emit. What you do to others, you do to yourself. What thoughts are you creating your reality from? For to #Attract, #Manifest, and #Create all that is desired in this reality is our #Divine #Birthright. ~Fox 1-14-17 #Awaken #LoveIsTheAnswer #WeAreOne #Unity #Ascension Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. #RalphWaldoEmerson
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#FullMoon #Calendar #2017
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#Fenster #Quartz gets its name from the complex interior #Skeletal structure which has created many windows and chambers within the crystal. The name is derived from German, meaning #Window. The unique formation is caused by internal and external dissolution growth which is the result of unstable conditions during crystallization. Light reflects from the interior planes creating dancing patterns of #Light and #Rainbows. The crystals have grown in a very similar formation as a Herkimer diamond in combination with elestial formations. For this reason, these crystals are also known as #Elestial #Lightkeepers. The energy of Fenster Quartz is thought to be quite complex and high in vibration, reaching to the #Spiritual plane, and stimulating the #ThirdEye and #Crown #Chakras. They are also meant to assist you to #Channel the pure #WhiteLight of the #Universe into the physical world, providing the opportunity for profound #Healing on both the #Emotional and #Physical levels. They're said to assist with evolution of the #Spirit, assisting you to vibrate on a higher plane at all levels of your existence, and restoring energy #Flow and #Balance at all levels. Fenster Quartz is also said to help you shed old emotional attachments allowing you to move forward on your spiritual path. #Meditation with these crystals is thought to assist you to move through time and space like portals to other dimensions which is believed to facilitate deep karmic work with past lives, accessing the repository of #AllThatIs via the #AkashicRecords. ✨💎✨ #DT #DoubleTerminated
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'....#Meditate upon the complete #Unity of yourself and all that you see. Do this not once, and not simply in present circumstances, but at all times, and especially in difficult circumstances. For insofar as you love and feel at one with those things which are difficult for you, to that extent will those circumstances be alleviated. This is not due to any laws within our physical illusion, but is due to the #LawOfLove, for that body which is of Spirit, which is interpenetrated with the physical body, is higher than your physical body, and those changes which you make by #Love upon your spiritual body will, of necessity, reflect themselves within the physical illusion.' #TheRaMaterial #TheLawOfOne #LawOfOne #IAMRa #CarlaRueckert #DonElkins #JimMcCarty #Carl #Jung #WisdomTeachings #DavidWilcock #Correlation #BlueAvians #CoreyGoode #SphereBeingAlliance #SixthDensity #Guardians #AgeOfAquarius #TheWorldIsWakingUp #NoFate #Powerful #Conscious #Creators #WeAre #Orenda
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