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"A true transformation is one that goes beyond the physical. The beautiful thing about fitness is seeing mental changes coincide with the physical changes, achieving confidence outside of insecurity. That's truly amazing." - - Snapchat👻K.eggleton @kathleeneggletonfit
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Who's your favourite team?🏀 - - Snapchat👻K.eggleton @kathleeneggletonfit
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If you see me less, it's because I'm doing more✨ - - Snapchat👻K.eggleton @kathleeneggletonfit
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"At any given point you can release your greatest self. Don’t let anyone hold you back. Don’t let anyone dilute you. Don’t be peer pressured into being less than you are. People willing to dilute themselves for the sake of others is one of the great tragedies of our time. Stop letting others define and set the pace for your life. Get out there and be your best. Do your best. Live your best. Make every day count and you’ll see how exponentially more exciting, thrilling, successful, happy and full your life will be." - - Snapchat👻K.eggleton @kathleeneggletonfit
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Thank you all for the birthday wishes ✨💛 - - Snapchat👻K.eggleton @kathleeneggletonfit
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✨🎂✨ Today I turn 26 #blessed - - Also Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends💛
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Not a diet, a lifestyle. Not for Him, For Me. Not for a day, but everyday. Not to feel good in a dress, but to feel good in my own skin. Not for the competition, but for THE competition I created for myself to be a better me. - do it for your damn self! - - Snapchat👻K.eggleton @kathleeneggletonfit
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Eventually you'll end up where you need to be, with who you're meant to be with, and doing what you should be doing. Trust the timing of your life - - Snapchat👻K.eggleton @kathleeneggletonfit
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Changeroom shenanigans #HappySaturday - - Snapchat👻K.eggleton @kathleeneggletonfit
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The first drawing of me 🙈🙊 I love this so much 💛 thank you @kennethjfranklin your work is amazing
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Just because you're not "there" yet doesn't mean you won't get there. Just start and have a passionate vision with tenacity to bring it into reality - - What everyone going to be for Halloween 🎃 - - Snapchat👻K.eggleton @kathleeneggletonfit
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Nothing worth having comes easy 💎 - - Snapchat👻K.eggleton @kathleeneggletonfit
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Some girls want the diamond watch, others value the time #spoilmewithyourtime - - Snapchat👻K.eggleton @kathleeneggletonfit
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"Let your dreams be bigger than your fears and your actions louder than your words. Get out there and be your best. Do your best. Live your best. Make your time count. Make everyday count!" - - Snapchat👻K.eggleton @kathleeneggletonfit
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#HappyFriday - - Snapchat👻K.eggleton
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Different doesn't mean wrong. There are many ways to achieve something. There are many roads to success. Just because someone else's way is different then yours, doesn't mean they are doing it wrong So just believe in yourself no matter what people think. "Everybody won't understand what you're doing, or why you're doing it, and where you're trying to go...and that's ok, just focus on getting there, you can't be afraid to separate yourself. People recognize results, they don't get it unless they see it...consistent quality, be good at what you do and find ways to consistently get better...the rest will handle itself!" - - Snapchat👻K.eggleton @kathleeneggletonfit
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#humpday “If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or objects”—Albert Einstein Some people seem to be really worried what others think about them. They worry too much that others may talk negatively behind their backs. It is like you tie your life to other people. It is not worth. You are making yourself unhappy. If you want to live happily, think about your goal and try to reach it. Once you succeed, that’s your happiness - - Snapchat👻K.eggleton @kathleeneggletonfit
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"Take chances, take a lot of them. Because honestly, no matter where you end up and with whom, it always ends up just the way it should be. Your mistakes make you who you are. You learn and grow with each choice you make. Everything is worth it. Say how you feel, always. Be you, and be okay with it." - - @kathleeneggletonfit Snapchat👻K.eggleton - - 💛💛 Love you guys 💛💛
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