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Boss the DDB x American Bulldog and Indy the exempted Pit Bull living in the UK 🇬🇧
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THIS is why we need to educate people with FACTS and SCIENCE. This is a comment from The Dodo video on FB. Apparently Pit Bulls skulls stop growing but their brain doesnt, this gives them headaches and causes them to attack. Huh, that is news to me 🙃 please people I beg you if you ever see comments like this EDUCATE them them with FACTS and SCIENCE and ask them to back up their comments with articles by respected authors if they insist that they are telling the truth. THIS is why people are scared of these dogs because people keep spreading RIDICULOUS NONSENSE about them
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I just made an account for the mice!!!! Please go follow @piggysmousehouse if youre interested in following their journey through life. I will be uploading there very shortly!
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It broke my heart when the baby fell over 😭 sorry if you guys dont like mice but i dont have a mouse account haha. I also meant theyre are all alive just sleeping not all awake just sleeping 😂If you do like mice i will be uploading another video to my personal account @matthew.lpd soon
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Waking up to this video from @thedodo this morning was amazing, 2.3 million views so far im in shock 💕 i think its beautifully edited. Check out the full video on their facebook page!! Instagram only allows 1 minute uploads :(
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Its always a good day when they get to run around free💕 excuse the music its the only option on the app i used 😂
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When indy was 7 months old we were in the park and i gave her a bone, half a football (soccer) field away was another dog and when she saw it she instantly went into a frenzy and was snarling, barking and frothing at the mouth protecting her bone. While dry dog food isnt the same value as a bone she most definitely has tried to go after dogs before when she thought there was a chance of getting extra food. But thats the same with a lot of bull breeds especially if they are used to living alone, but im proud she just walked away!
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My sister @daisyndolly uploaded this picture of her dog and i just burst out laughing LMAO what the hell
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My mice had babies!!!!!!
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Im sure you guys love hearing about sandwiches!!!!
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Boss had his first train ride today! He did really good besides the fact he was a bit of a nightmare at the station he was trying to wrestle Indy and was biting her muzzle but we were waiting for 20 minutes so he was just bored. There was literally no space to move in this train im so happy he was calm 😂
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Now you see the size difference can you see why i dont call him a pit bull even though everyone on instagram calls him one and in my opinion is quite obviously a mastiff cross 😂 he is far too large especially consdering he is not even a year old yet and the body proportions are just too off to even consider calling him a pit bull. He also lacks the natural athleticism that a pit bull has and is more like a mastiff type dog in that sense. To put it into perspective at 10 months old Indy could jump a 5 foot fence and and at 10 months old Boss can barely jump on my bed. Indy is about as true to the breed standard that as will find in England minus the dogs of professional dog fighters of course. Unfortunately due to mainstream media people have been brainwashed into seeing any dog with muscles, a short coat and a big head as a pit bull which most of the time isnt correct, usually they are just bully breed crosses such as Boss
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You shouldve seen how filthy boss was earlier, i let him off lead when we went for a bike ride and sometimes he gets all amped up and tries to wrestle the bike, with a normal dog you just have to buzz them with the front tyre and they learn their lesson but boss thinks getting hit by a bike is a game so at the end of the walk he was just covered head to toe in muddy tyre marks from where my front wheel was getting him. Hes a strange dog
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Good morning 🌼
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Boss met @serenarosef today and she gets him a little bit too excited
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After the lady said i shouldnt have scared her dog i very calmly explained that the dog was looking at us the whole time and i know he saw us because i saw him choose which one of my dogs he wanted to run at. Now this lady didnt like how i was treating her and decided to attack me in the only way she could because my dogs were behaving, she said it was irresponsible of me to let my dogs run next to a bike. My reply was "why is it? They stay perfectly in line with me and arent in harms way with until some idiot allows their out of control dogs to run up to them" she quickly shut up. And of course i did what i do best and educated this woman in an overly nice condescending tone until she walked away with her dogs by the collar as she shouted at me "dont be so ridiculous!" my reply was "me? Whos the one hunched over grabbing their dogs by the collar because they are aggressive?" These dogs were not small they were 2 irish wolfhounds, HUGE DOGS. I dont want to be breaking up a dog fight by myself while the fuckhead owner is somewhere in the distance not paying attention. Laws need to change and people need to be held more accountable for their actions. In england if people act aggressive in public they can be charged with a public order offence, it should be the same for dogs. After a certain number of strikes, depending on the severity of the offences you should have to be court ordered to keep your dogs on a lead at all times in public and depending on the severity of the case, for example if the dog has bitten another dog or person more than 2 times you should be court ordered to muzzle your dog. Failure to do so should result in a hefty fine and if another dog is killed a ban on keeping animals for life. If those rules scare you that says something about your ownership abilities
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Dogs have their valentines day on the 15th of february Collars by @rogueroyalty
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This is how im spending my valentines day
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This is another repost but its cute so here it is!!!
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Sometimes we get to go out without a muzzle and do fun stuff like this
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I love pictures of pig that show her missing toof. Have you ever seen such pearly whites on a perfect pretty pupper
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