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Boss the DDB x American Bulldog and Indy the exempted Pit Bull living in the UK πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
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Many teeth such wow Boss is in his crate now because he struggles to understand the concept of calming down
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I fell down a hole :(
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Piggies spooning
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The piggys went swimming today, well Indy did, Boss doesn't know how to swim yet and it's too cold for me to get in with him πŸ˜‚
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Yes you can train a dog to let go on command but once a dog is in a frenzy they may not listen to you. Indy lets go of sticks on command but when she is really amped up she ignores me. You may have seen videos of me swinging Indy around in the air and she is biting a stick, that's very typical behaviour from bull breeds as they just don't like to let go. The chances are you wouldn't be able to get a border collie, labrador, irish wolfhound, beagle etc to do that because it's not in their blood. Terriers are also very well known for biting and not letting go as they are historically hunting and ratting dogs. As I say there are exceptions to the rule but for the most part that's how it will be. Anyway, it is a wise idea to have a plan of action for when your dog bites or even if your dog is attacked by another dog. For example if your dog is attacked the last thing you want to do is pull at the other dog trying to drag them away as this could cause skin to tear, if you have a breakstick handy and slide it between the dogs teeth and twist the jaws will open and you can safely take the aggressor away while minimising damage to the attacked dog. Now you can use other methods like hitting or kicking the dog to make them let go but with some dogs, especially bull breeds this will only add fuel to the fire. I've heard cases of people sticking their fingers up a dogs butt because they were told it works but were left totally lost when the dog wasn't phased by the discomfort. When used correctly the break stick will work 100% percent of the time and will minimise damage and the time the dog is held on. Make sure you know how to release a dogs bite!
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If you have a dog you NEED to learn dog behaviour and understand when a dog is stressed ESPECIALLY if the dog is going to be around children. Children are loud, hands on and often lack self control. If this child was supervised the parent should have stepped in when the dog showed signs of being unhappy. Do not assume your dog will ignore the child. Sometimes they are very subtle but thats why you need to pay attention! When we ignore a dogs growl or insecure body language YOU GET BITTEN. Unless this dog had a neruological disorder that causes the dog to bite without warning which is extremely rare this was 100% preventable. I see videos of children climbing on dogs ALL the time. This will NEVER happen with my dogs, they are animals to be respected not play things. Now if this child was left alone with the dog shame on the parent, you should know better. We need to preach bite prevention not ostracise certain breeds when they do bite because there is ALWAYS a reason. This isnt a case of a poorly socialized dog getting free from the yard and attacking a child, this was a happy family pet that obviously reacted to a situation. If your dog has always had human aggression issues you need to either muzzle your dog, hire a behaviouralist to curb the issue or put it to sleep. There is no place for human aggressive dogs in todays society. But that's not relevant to this story, there is a difference between human aggression and a dog reacting to a situation. Aggression is the willingness to bite without reason or for enjoyment, a dog reacting to a situation will bite when they are ignored and the annoyance/agitation towards the dog continues
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Such a good piggy not wanting to eat my other animals. I just saw on my sisters instagram that one of her dogs killed one of her hamsters 😭
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I should probably correct him but it was too funny 😭 when she was trying to leave i set him on her and he just humped her i couldnt stop laughing. Btw this is excitement humping not dominance humping Sorry for not uploading recently been really busy!
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Un grande lump Sorry for the lack of exciting posts recently im exercising the dogs more now they are getting 10-12 miles of running a day now and all they want to do is sleep and eat 😊
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Throwback to a tired piggy πŸ’•
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I had to share this with you its so cute
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This is Indy at 3 months old. Under UK law she was classified as a dangerous dog even at 3 months of age because she shares a physical likeness to dogs that attacked a child 26 years ago. Also i added some more to littlepiggydog.com if you wanna check it out
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Feel free to share this around πŸ’• if you havent seen indys puppy pictures the puppy is indy!
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She totally ignored me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ too interested in doing her own thing Why does my dog dress better than me
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What a weirdo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€
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The piece of paper indys life depends on
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Here are the rules of owning an exempted pit bull in the UK, printed on the back of indys exemption certificate. Every time i need to get her paperwork out it just makes me feel really sad
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Pupperonis on a romantic stroll πŸ’• He is wearing a halti because he pulls and I taught Indy not to pull by using a halti so its just what works for me πŸ˜€ if you have a dog that pulls i suggest getting a halti, they will learn by themselves that pulling doesnt benefit them in any way and after a certain amount of use once the halti is removed their brain will be rewired to walk nicely rather than dragging you down the street. A halti works by controlling the head, the closer to the nose of the dog you get the more control you have. If you ask my opinion on non pull harnesses i think they are trash πŸ˜‚ Collars and matching leads (which I mismatched by accident woops) by @rogueroyalty
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I love this! Thanks @pretty52 πŸ’•
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