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We're an all volunteer rescue. Our mission is to save abused, neglected & at risk dogs from kill shelters & provide vetting & loving homes.

With heavy hearts this morning, we have to let you know that our beloved Mitzi passed away early this morning at the emergency vet. It is tough to put into words how utterly devastating this is. We pour our heart & soul into every dog we take & Mitzi was no exception. Sadly she got pneumonia on top of whatever else she had going on & it was a race against the clock to find out what that was. We were waiting on culture results from a lab. We are so sorry Mitzi! We got you too late to save you, but we hope you know how loved you were & how hard we all fought for you. We will never forget you & always 💘 you. Fly high pain free! #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc
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Update On Jordy: We are sorry to report Jordy has a serious neurological disease called Cerebellar hypoplasia. On Friday Jordy will be taken to our Texas Specialty Hospital for a neuro consult & an MRI. We saved Jordy from a high kill Texas shelter where he was abandoned by his owner, dogs & puppies with medical issues are first to be put to sleep at this shelter. Clearly Jordy was in dire need & we stepped up to help him. We do not know what the future holds for Jordy, but we do know, that we will be there every step of the way, supporting Jordy & whatever he needs going forward. Jordy is just an innocent 6 week old puppy that needs us. We hope you agree & will support Jordy by donating to the expensive medical care that he needs by going to or PayPal: #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc
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Mitzi thanks everyone for their concern & support! We are still waiting on blood culture results sent to a lab. We hope to get answers on exactly what is wrong with this sweet girl as she was rushed to the hospital for throwing up blood. We know she has pneumonia which is very bad, but her medical team still is not clear on her underlying health issue which has caused her to be red, swollen, weak, lethargic, unable to regulate her body temp & her values to be overall low. There can be so many possible causes it's important we can nail it down to make sure it's treatable. We could be looking at anything from toxins to cancer & many things in between. Please keep this poor girl in your thoughts & prayers & donate if you can through PayPal: or We remain committed to doing everything in our power to help Mitzi! #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc
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As usual in rescue, rain or shine, the hits keep on coming. This walking skeleton is named Harmony. Her beautiful green-gold eyes give away how she feels 😥. She has given up all hope! Why should she trust anyone? Her heartbreaking condition gives away her sad past. She's been starved & recently given birth as she's still lactating. We shudder to think where those puppies are 💔. Harmony was slated to die just 2 days ago at the San Antonio shelter. Can you imagine if that was the end of the road for her?! What a tragedy that would have been!!! She's only 3 years old & has only lived a living hell!!! No way were we going to let that be the end for her!!! To add insult to injury she had a pyometra & had to be spayed in this awful condition!! Harmony is now safe at our TX vet partner on antibiotics & pain meds & fluids. Will you stand with us against abuse & help Harmony? We sure hope so as we cannot continue taking these urgent medical dogs without your help by donating through PayPal: or #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc
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EXTENDING #WagAware4RDRNYC UNTIL WE REACH GOAL & ONLY 74 CHARMS AWAY FROM A WHOPPING $5,000 DONATION TO US! Please help us get there by getting your charm at 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣% DONATED TO US! will donate ​a ​WHOPPING 100% ​of ALL sales (minus postage) to US! Join the Ruff-olution​ at
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This poor guy is Beau. He ended up at a SC kill shelter this past weekend in horrific shape. Not only is this poor dog emaciated & bloated, he covered in scars & wounds. The shelter said he was so pitiful he just lied in the kennel not even wanting to get up. We had to say yes to him! Poor Beau has been neglected for way too long & even worse once he got to our vet it was discovered during X-rays that he had also been shot 3 times. Can you imagine?! To be so unwanted & unloved???! 😡😡😡😡 no wonder he didn't want to get up. We can only imagine a past that left him so scarred up, sad & dejected. Disgusting & heartbreaking. No more pain & suffering for Beau-not on our watch!!! Will you help us help Beau???? Please!!! Let's tell Beau he does matter! Through PayPal: or #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc
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This sweet baby is Scout. He was found chained to a tree in a "bad area" in NC with no food or water. He also has a broken leg. Scout is only 4 months old & his broken leg has already started to heal. This means he suffered in silence with no pain meds or anything, just left to die tied to a tree. He's safe at our vet now & his poor leg is in a splint. He's on pain meds, finally! Scout is a very sweet puppy says our vet who any family would be lucky to have! He's definitely a mix vet says he's a Heinz 57!! He is currently 15 pounds at 4 mos old. To help with Scout's vetting, please donate through PayPal: or To apply for this adorable guy, please go to #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc
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💥HOURS LEFT & ONLY 105 CHARMS AWAY FROM A WHOPPING $5,000 DONATION TO US!💥 Please help us get there by getting your charm at 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣% DONATED TO US! UNTIL MIDNIGHT PST TODAY, ​ will donate ​a ​WHOPPING 100% ​of ALL sales (minus postage) to US! Join the Ruff-olution​ at
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Update On Dixie: Dixie has made her way up to NY from Texas & she is now at our NY vet partner for a final evaluation to determine if we can save her leg. Our NY medical team wants to do further testing to see what can be done to save her leg. At this moment it's a 50% chance that Daisy's leg will be able to be saved. Right now she's safe and pain free & getting lots of TLC from the hospital staff. Please help with Daisy's on going medical care which has cost in the thousands by donating at or PayPal: #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc
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Update On Goldie: Goldie was released from the Vet Hospital today & will continue his recovery in a loving foster home. Due to the multiple wounds all over Goldie's body from the dog attack, most of his hair was shaved down to treat the gashes, bites & scratches. Sadly, Goldie has not only suffered psychically, he has suffered mentally as well.. Goldie is fearful to walk & pancakes to the ground most of the time. He has a long road back to being a healthy & well balanced boy. We believe with love, patience & kindness, Goldie will flourish & gain confidence & eventually become happy & at peace once again. Right now he needs to heal. Thank you for the outpouring support for Goldie. He feels the love, we promise. Donations are always needed & greatly appreciated at or PayPal: #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc
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Chandler is about a year old. He was brought into rescue as a medical case, he had an injury in his hips. He has healed and has been with foster for some time now. Chandler is hoping someone will see him and want to make him part of their forever family soon! He is good with other dogs, up to date on shots, and good with all people. He is such a happy little boy! Apply for Chandler at #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc
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Stella is a playful, happy girl! At one year old and 40 pounds, this girl has already mastered leash walking & kisses!! She is up to date on shots, & good with others, and really loves to play with every dog she sees. Stella is a beautiful girl, who lives in foster with other dogs, male & female. If you would like to adopt Stella, please apply at #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc
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All 8 box pups are doing very well in their foster home.💕 #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc
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💥LAST DAY & ONLY 175 CHARMS AWAY FROM A WHOPPING $5,000 DONATION TO US! Please help us get there by getting your charm at!!💥 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣% ​of ALL sales (minus postage) will be DONATED TO US! Join the Ruff-olution​ at #WagAware4RDRNYC
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Stevie is raring to be adopted! Saved from a high kill texas shelter where puppies are put down daily. Stevie is an 11 week old lab mix & loves other peeps & doggies. Apply to adopt at #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc
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Stunning Edie is FINALLY ready to transition into a foster or adopt home after spending weeks recovering from colon prolapse surgery. Edie is 2 years old, kid, dog friendly. We can have her cat tested. She's 50 lbs, sweet, gentle, mellow, & well behaved. We really need to move Edie into a home. Apply to foster or adopt Edie at #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc
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Dusty Blue has arrived in NY & is ready to find his forever home. Right now he's at our NY vet partner getting a final medical check after arriving from Texas. He's 2 years old, 15 lbs, as sweet as can be. We saved him from a high kill shelter where he was going to be put down due to non contagious mange. Dusty Blue is ready to start his new life right now! Apply for Dusty Blue at #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc
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Polly has arrived & is with a fabulous foster. It is clear this girl has seen the worst of the worst. We are so grateful to all of you who donate & help us save these precious lives, like Polly. Please send lots of positive energy her way as she continues to heal. To help us to continue to give dogs like Polly a chance at life, please donate at or PayPal: We love you Polly. Better days ahead sweetheart.❤️ #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc
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Terrified Baby. This is what FEAR looks like for a homeless puppy. Ripped Away from her Mom & siblings, & then left at a high kill shelter alone. We scooped this baby up immediately when asked by the shelter volunteers. Melita is a 7 week old dachshund. She's in a foster home in Dallas Texas & will be in NY in 2 weeks looking for her forever home. Foster Mom says she's still very fearful but slightly better. To adopt Melita apply at #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc
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Dearest Yuki, We remember the day we saved you. You were only 4 months old & sitting on the cold cement in the shelter marked as rescue only with no public adoptions. Your world was over as you sat waiting for the inevitable. Your eyes had this blank stare that broke our hearts. It wasn't even a day when you got to your foster home that we knew you were special. You were so calm, so well behaved in every setting. We said this puppy should be someone's therapy dog he is so perfect. Who would have thought you would walk right up to a woman who was looking for a service dog and never want to leave her side. You needed her just as much as she needed you. For 7 months you two were inseparable. You were her everything. We can't imagine how you felt when she passed away. How confused you were that your entire world was once again crumbling around you. We cried with you. Because we knew what you two meant to each other. We promised her we would always take care of you. When we rescued you we made a promise to always make sure you were okay no matter how much time passes. We know there's nothing we can do to take your pain away. Because we know you feel loss just like us humans. It showed in your eyes again. The blank stare we never wanted to see again. And then she touched you. And you laid down & let her pet you as you slowly fell asleep. You finally looked at peace. We know it won't take the pain away completely but something tells us you need her & she seems to love you already. So today we kissed you goodbye as you left with your new family. And we promised you that you would be loved & spoiled again. We know we can't replace your first mama but your heart is so big that this family is going to fill it beyond capacity ❤ We love you.❤ #rescuedogsrocknyc #rdrnyc
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