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Huxley remains steadfast against Clifton's magnetic charm.
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1405 | 20 | 9 minutes ago
Keep sending lots of love and healing thoughts to Superfly Pi 💙 His temp was low when we arrived at the vet so they put him in the incubator. They are treating for pneumonia so this little guy will be staying with Dr Kumar for a few days. If you'd like to donate to his medical you can Venmo @roadogs or PayPal to link in bio Thanks for caring ❤
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2736 | 96 | 13 hours ago
Swipe left for more pics and #Puptea shirts! Link in @wazzy_max_pcj_cobalt_fletcher bio to purchase. ------------------------------- Their Easter #puptea fundraiser ends Sunday at midnight. Everyone that buys a shirt will be entered in raffle and 5 @dodidog_usa harness will be given away just like the ones Fletcher and his handsome bros are wearing. All proceeds come to Road Dogs!!
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2110 | 19 | 16 hours ago
Kongo officially welcomes Superfly Pi ❤ As you can see he is snotty. He was pretty congested yesterday when he arrived so just dropped him at the vet for X-rays etc to make sure there is no pneumonia starting. Because he has a slight cleft palate, he is more prone to aspiration. Fingers crossed. If you'd like to help with his medical, you can Venmo. @roadogs or donate via PayPal. Link in bio.
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2781 | 72 | 23 hours ago
Happy cleft boy Clifton Worsley says Hi! $5 Friday Link in bio. Or Venmo @roadogs Donate so we can keep helping these Special Needs guys. Every donation of $5 is also entered to the fun @lovabulltags draw. Five to give away! $50 = 10 entries etc. Thanks for caring ❤
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2741 | 23 | 1 day ago
OMG! Six months-old and only 3lbs!!! $5 Friday Link in bio. Or Venmo @roadogs Donate so we can keep helping these Special Needs guys. He is booked to see neuro Dr Berry on Monday. Name suggestions needed! Every donation of $5 is also entered to the fun @lovabulltags draw. Five to give away! $50 = 10 entries etc. Thanks for caring ❤
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3654 | 196 | 1 day ago
$5 Friday! Hopelily says please donate today to help Road Dogs save more lives! Link in bio. We also have 5 fun, custom @lovabulltags up for grabs. Now there's an incentive!! $5 per entry. Enter as many times as you like. I didn't include the rude ones here which are my favourite, ha! Road Dogs is basically YOU. I may rescue the dogs but you are the ones that allow me to do that. Thank you for supporting us so we can continue to transform lives. The Road Dogs Rescue Family rocks 🤘❤
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2626 | 25 | 2 days ago
It's wonderful having Kongo around but I really need to find a Neo-experienced foster with more room! Unfortunately, until Road Dogs gets a bigger place, I can't foster fail. Sucks but there it is. If interested email for an application. I may consider an out-of-state adoption if I feel you can truly offer him the best home.
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3523 | 113 | 2 days ago
So, for #nationalpuppyday here's lots of puppies Road Dogs has rescued and found amazing homes for! So amazing, that a bunch of them are on IG! Follow them to see how loved they all are ❤ Hopelily will be at the Beach Birthday Meet Up for @wazzy_max_pcj_cobalt_fletcher April 1st, Huntington Dog Beach. 9.30am. Order doesn't match video because I'm confusing like that. @smushfacecrew @littlelilyandporter @theclivechronicles @agangof2 @hazel_n_company @frankandbeans_thebulldogs @thecheechlife @french_emperor @franknbenniedoseattle @thelifeofnewtandtoad @adventuresofwellyandhiggy @bullyboys_of_lakebalboa
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2367 | 39 | 2 days ago
Babs got spayed today and the vet found steel sutures left in her abdomen and scar tissue from multiple c-sections. She also had a bunch of mammory tumours removed , one from her vulva and growths from her bum. I will never understand how some people can just see profit in these dogs and not take care of them. We need to do better. We need to value compassion as much as competition and encourage ourselves and our kids to care more for other living things. Be Kind ❤ And if you are feeling generous, donate! Help Road Dogs spend more money on arses in need 😬 Link in bio.
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2985 | 74 | 2 days ago
In case anyone needs a smile 😬❤
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5043 | 343 | 3 days ago
Bully Savvy Fosters Needed!! If interested, email Preferably near Los Angeles or San Diego ❤
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2342 | 28 | 3 days ago
Hopelily and her teef ❤
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4296 | 119 | 3 days ago
Meet Buttercup Bear! This girl was being sold on CL. Thanks to @bohdi_the_mini_bulldog and the people who donated for us to get her, she is now a Road Dog. No more breeding for this girl! Please let's just keep the focus on helping the dogs and not being negative to each other ❤
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2290 | 81 | 3 days ago
Just some Road Dogs having fun at the park. I feel bad that I don't thank all of you personally for helping and supporting @roadogs so I hope this just gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling. Know that you are loved and appreciated by us all. Except maybe Hopelily 😂❤🤘
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2848 | 113 | 4 days ago
Monty is in Love ❤ @montgomerytwix
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4295 | 43 | 4 days ago
How cute is this pic of former Road Dog Giles - now @waylonbennings ❤ This boy was at the shelter probably because he is incontinent. But he is young, fun so sweet - and now in a great home!!
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3715 | 41 | 4 days ago
Meet Clifton Worsley 🇬🇧 Thanks for all the name suggestions! This sweet boy is recovering from an Upper Respiratory Infection and may need corrective surgery for his cleft palate. He needs a foster! If interested, email for an application. No shipping and must be bulldog experienced ❤
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3594 | 86 | 4 days ago
Brekkie time! No surprise who finishes first, lol. People often ask what the rescues eat, and the answer is 'Better than me, ha. Since nutrition is the cause of so many issues in both people and dogs - I feed @honestkitchen Brave or Marvel as it has no grains or potatoes (including sweet) which are more likely to cause yeast and fungal problems. I also add fish oil, probiotics and joint supplement plus turmeric golden paste. You can read about that online. For dogs with severe skin stuff then we start off with raw, and once they are doing better switch to HK.
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2371 | 92 | 5 days ago
Notvmine but it is making me laugh so hard 😂😂🤘 (via @chaos.reigns_)
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1106 | 108 | 5 days ago
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