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. Keeps her connies on for a stretch and flip! #classicsammy . . If you love yoga.. and you love free education.. join my FB group and join us next week for a live yoga class/tutorial.. because... things are funner with friends! 🙏🏼 (link in bio☝️️☝️️or below ) ❤️ Fitness Playground surry hills
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Sammy- hates the camera! 📽 . @sparrow_films
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10 donuts to the first person that finally convinces Sammy to grow up. 🍩 Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp, Phuket, Thailand
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Slam ball slams! A small snippet from a little workout video I made for:☝️️ . The full workout...Is deadly! Excellent for fight conditioning: . 1min dead slams. 1min southpaw wall slams 1min orthodox wall slams 1min overhead slams. 1min handstand push-ups! ( or variation) . . ☝️️Click on link in bio to get it..and join the worlds best facebook community :)☝️️ @the.movement.movement 📽@jamesmacris
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. Running rings and punching things. Light Friday spars @tigermuaythai 🐯 My happy place ❤️ take me back! Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp, Phuket, Thailand
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I can't work out if @brenny_vanilla . Was holding back because he's scared of hurting me, or if he was scared I'd hurt him when I got down 😂👊🏼🤔 . When a boxer needs a bag. It's only fair I offer. 💪🏼 Can't break me boys- keep trying! #couldhavegoneharder #absofsteel "Sammy bags available- in store now!" 😂😂 📸@builtbydylan Bondi Outdoor Gym
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As I'm crazy passionate about the English language, I've decided to do a weekly 'word of the day.' A little analysis on my reflections around what i see and hear with words and the way we use them. 📚 Why? Cos I can :) 😍 💥 So... Word of the day: CRAZY! 👀 . . I hear people use this word so often to describe a person negatively . In particular I'll often hear men talk about a woman that they don't understand and they simply say. "Oh she's crazy" . If she expresses and opinion that doesn't suit you or may not be in alignment with yours "what a crazy bitch" . If someone reacts with emotion instead of logic to a situation "stop being so crazy" . Calling someone 'crazy' not only is extremely lazy and reflects poorly on your ability to empathise, analyse or expand your viewpoint, it's also wasting the exquisite vastness of the English language. 📚🗞📖 Also. It's just really mean! It's invalidates that persons feelings and their raw experience, which, as humans, often can be expressive,emotional and complex. To be called crazy for being a wonderfully complex human? Now that....Is crazy-making! . Calling someone crazy says more about you, than it does the person whom which you don't understand. . Think before you speak guys. Let the words that leave your mouth be words that you are proud of and words that harm none. 💌 Words are powerful. Use them powerfully. 💌 Bondi Beach, Sydney
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Playing with a couple different swing styles today . Fun fun!! 🐒🙊🙉🙈🐵🐒 6months ago, I hadn't swung on one of these since I was a kid. . 🐵 5 months ago I couldn't do the whole thing without falling. 🙈 3 months ago I doubt I could do this in under a minute. . 🐵 Today.. easy!! 🐒 💪🏽☝🏽️🙏🏽😍❤️ The only reason I can do these, is because I was ( relatively) consistent with them. The only reason I was consistent?.. I enjoy them!! 💝 People often ask me, what's the best exercise to do for this, or for that. My answer is usually always "find what you love, listen to your body" 🌏 Life is too short to be constantly under pressure to fit into these jeans or those ideals, and our body is WAAYYY too precious and too darn miraculous to be judged for its shape or measurements. . Having said that, I have found the happier I am, the more nurturing I am to my body, the quicker it shifts into ITS ideal weight-- Not the weight my ego want it to be. Not the weight society thinks it should be, but the weight and shape which allows me to move with ease, vibrancy and support. Our body has incredible wisdom if we can just shut the fuck up and listen to it once in a while. . If this stuff resonated with you, join my FB group.. it's free and you'll love it. Link in bio ☝🏽️ Fitness Playground Marrickville
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There are two way to get to 'the top': ☝🏽️ You can climb on others shoulders, drag them down to get 'ontop' alone....... Or you can reach upwards and lift others with you so you get to the top with good company and with a clear conscience. 💕🌏 There is so much insecurity, competition and fear in the world these days, that so often when we see people doing well, we feel jealous or even a disdain towards them. 🤔 Why? Simply because we see someone reaching for their dreams? 🤔🤔 Someone else doing well doesn't rob you of your potential in the world. It takes nothing away from you. If anything it shows you it's possible. It can remind you of YOUR potential. 🌏 Be the person that lifts others up, be the person that asks for help, be the person your younger self would look up to and your older self will smile about. 🙏🏽 Just be nice to each other guys. We're all going through shit. The world leaves none of us unaffected. How much simpler would it be to move through this life in unity. #peace #love #unity I also would love to redefine what it means to be 'ontop' but that's a whole other post for a whole other day :) xx Bondi Beach
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I call this clip... " A Suspicious little sammy" 🤔💭🔎🔬 @homeandaway @channel7 @cassie_howarth_ Palm Beach, New South Wales, Australia
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. Depth over distance. 💕👌🏼 . What I love most about this video... and all my yoga posts.. the music...The incredible music.😍 . @benhowardmusicofficial @fitnessplaygroundaus @the.movement.movement 🙏🏽 . So I'm thinking about delving into yogic principles and philosophies with each little yoga video I post and explain about how they may benefit us beyond our physical practise and can help us find balance emotionally, mental and spiritually also. . Can you comment below with even just an emoji if you'd be keen to read about them so I have an idea if anyone would get benefit from it: Xx sammy-pie 💌 Fitness Playground Newtown
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Because nothing makes a Sunday night more special than a sitting with nature watching the moon rise, an impromptu ocean swim and finding a giant donut! 🌏🍩🙏🏽💕🌖🌚🌙 #returntonature #innocence #littlethings #free Bondi Beach, Sydney
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Burpees to bar. They make me happy... so I do them 💪🏽 . They also gas me out. Real quick! #cardio 😂😂 📷@builtbydylan Bondi Beach
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. Australian ninja warrior!!!! . First ever season: You should watch it: I'm on it.!!!! 💪🏽☝🏽👊🏽💥 Cockatoo Island, Sydney Harbour
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Why pout when You can smile? Why be sexy when you can be happy? Why be what they want you to be... when you can be YOU!!! 💕 Why do anything... ever? Well, I believe, it's for one reason and one reason only. . As a statement to the universe, declaring "This is who I am" It's THAT simple. . . So if you're happy with your actions, if you're proud of your movements, if you like the statement you're making, then keep doing it. Do it boldly, do it with gusto and give yourself permission to own it. . But remember...that joke you made, that person you ignored, that child you belittled, that server you yelled at, that appointment you bailed on last minute, those moments, all too, are decorations to the universe: "This is who I am" . Not just the yoga class you went to, that time you gave to charity and certainly not just ( if at all) the way we show ourselves to peers. No. ALL of it, every choice, every moment, every thought is always and simply a declaration. To the universe: "This is who I am" . . The clothes we wear, the food we eat, the values we place, the company we keep... all of it. To the universe, it hears: "THIS is who I am." . EVERY time. EVERY choice. . Knowing that.. would you be happy with what you're declaring. Would you choose again? Because the beautiful, magical thing is, we can always make a different choice. 🌏 . Perhaps keep that in mind as you move through your day today. 💌 Sammy-pie. Xx #thisiswhoiam Bondi Beach, Sydney
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I'm the upside down, flip around kinda excited to have @the.benjihart and the team at @the.mgmt representing me and helping me become a positive role model in the fitness/entertainment industry. 🙏🏼💞 . Between these guys, the guys at and my ever incredible acting agent Leigh Whittemore.. I think finally i can say I have formed an incredible team around me. A team who get me, support me and believe in what I wanna do in the world. 🌏 . It Only took 29 years, a shit ton of tears, lonely nights, incredible amounts of confusion, frustration and 'why does no one understand what I'm trying to do' moments to bring me all the way here... all the way to the beginning. 😂 . I've said it before... life is Fucking tough... but I bet it would be a whole lot tougher if you gave up on your dreams because they were challenging. Let's go #getshitdone 💥 #slay #makeadent #bethechange @modernday_vegan. Thanks for playing, filming, training and keeping me good company and reminding me how awesome it is to have the right training partners :) Fitness Playground Newtown
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. So.. I'm posting this for a couple of reasons: 1) As a reminder to me and anyone who see's it,that if you don't use it, you lose it.. and that's kinda ok. . . I've spent so much more time lately prioritising other things that something had to give... and as a result, I can no longer do legless rope climbs straight off the bat ( FYI I did nail them later but that's not the point 😂) but who cares... if I enjoy using them in my training, then they'll come again in the future when I prioritise them. Otherwise, maybe I'm just busy enjoying other forms of movement. Aint' nothing wrong with that. . We don't have to be perfect at everything. In-fact, we can't be! 2) Social media traditionally shows the things we nail.. not the little slips, the times we miss the rope or drop the ball.. this sets people up to think that unless it's perfect, unless it's how it looks in the videos then we must be doing something wrong. So I've decided to become a "one take wonder warrior' 😎 . Let's embrace the times we muck up, fall on our face, have a pot belly from our recent meal, catch an unflattering angle.. let's embrace all that shit.. so that other may embrace their own wonderful attempts and fantastical flaws. ✌️ #regression #ownit 📽@modernday_vegan thanks for the filmography, the good chats and the motivation!! ❤️ Fitness Playground Newtown
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Here's sammy, being a spoilt little brat aka 'Madison'. In #cut the webseries. 📽 See when I'm not doing pull ups or eating donuts. I'm busy being the worlds most questionable actress 😂 Someone hire me.
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Follow me! The land of frivolity and nonsense is this way! 👈🏼😂 . If i asked you 'what moves you' what would you say? Would you know? Would you be happy with your answer? Are you following it passionately? Are you adding it in your daily or weekly world? If not...why not? . . Write below what moves you, what REALLY moves you, what moves your insides, what moves you forward and what moves you into a place of inspiration. 🌍 I'd LOVE to hear it. Write it..and May it serve as a reminder for you to then cherish it and pursue it with gusto! . If I could do one thing before I die, it would remind people that they are loveable, they are loved and that they have not only the right, but a duty to be brave and follow their bliss! 💞 Do it for yourself. Do it for your future self and do it for everyone around you who you impact and inspire without even knowing it. 💌 . . . . @the.movement.movement . Link in bio to find my FB group 👆🏼👆🏼 help find what moves you :) Bondi Outdoor Gym
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The only Bar I like to go to on the weekend.. 👌🏾 This little puppy is getting my lats and shoulders ready for the salmon ladder again 💥 Fitness Playground Marrickville
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