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•Personal trainer
•Yoga teacher
•Hippy on a journey to change the world.
•Feminist, idealist, spiritualist, fan of words ending with ist

I will always just be, a Connies kinda girl. 😎 Heels may make your butt look good. But they also make your calves tight, glutes inactive and back sore. . 👠-👟 You wanna look good? Do good, be good and spread goodness. That shit lasts long after the heels come off! #goodness #spreadgoodness #fuckbeautychoosehealth Bondi Beach
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My mind is blown!!!! 💦😱🔫 I've had this door for 5 years!! #makeshiftgym #playeveryday #datnoisethoigh #homeoffice 😂😂😂 📽@briellynturton ... her firm suggestion in #soundon 😂 Bondi, New South Wales, Australia
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I just made a killer workout, using only this ball, it'll knock your socks off!! Excellent for fight or cardio conditioning. It's also really, really, really REALLY fun! 💪🏽👊🏻⛹🏼‍♀️ . Wanna see it? Join my tribe.👆🏽👆🏽link in bio. (It's all totes free guys) 🌎😍🙏🏼💥 Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp, Phuket, Thailand
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Getting jiggy with nature.. .. if I'm not in a tree, come find me in my tribe! . 🌲link in bio🌲 . 🌎Change the Fucking world!🌎 Train for health, train for happiness. Fuck beauty. #getuglygetsweaty #fucksociety Waverley Oval
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"Hates being infront of a camera" Fitness Playground Marrickville
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When I'm not acting, boxing, stretching, stunting, ninja-ing.. I sometimes get presenting gigs in my own backyard! #toomanypassions. 💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌 Society always guilts us into choosing a solid, stable career. Well I never did. I just found a way to get paid for the things I love. . ❤️I may not be as financially rich as those in 'a stable career' but my lifestyle, my heart and my passion is so rich sometimes I don't know what to do with it all! . 💌Be brave in your choices.. choose happiness. Follow ALL your dreams and one day they may just come together! 💌 I mean, Do you think our creator/universe would be so cruel as to give you a dream that was unobtainable? 🤔🌎
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I may not be graceful, but I am resourceful. 😂😂 What fun would the gram be if you only ever showed the best bits!? 🤔🤔 #socialmediaisfake #youdontwearmakeupwhenyouexercise 🤔🤔#fuckprettychoosehealth💪🏽 #borntoperform #suchanactress🌟 Ps. Join my tribe. Make exercise fun again. Change the world whilst doing so. 👆🏽Link in my bio 👆🏽 📽@jamesmacris Fitness First Bondi Spring St Platinum
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💌Handstands, Headstands and cartwheels. 💌 . Suitable for all venues and occasions...... If anyone tries to tell me otherwise, they're probably not my people 😍😆 Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp, Phuket, Thailand
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Why does it always look like I'm up to trouble? Xx 🤔 Bondi Beach
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🌟WANTED: 100 AMAZING PEOPLE!!🌟 . Here's to changing the world! 🌎 --------------------------------- Watch the video.. if it excites you, join my tribe and help motivate yourself and others to train harder, laugh louder and live bolder. 👊🏻 There'll be workout videos, tutorials, interviews, articles and good old fashioned community and conversations, plus it'll be the place to go to get personal advice from me :) . ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ . 👆🏽Link in bio 👆🏽 -------------------------------- If this has no appeal to you whatsoever, don't sweat it, just keep watching my Insta cos I'm awesome and our community shall be rad anyways :) 😂💁🙊 . Ps. First 100 people get a free nutritional plan!
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No gym? No worries! The great outdoors is free, and mighty helpful! ☀️🌲🕶🌞 Don't make it fancy... make it fun! 👊🏻😍 All you need is nature, a bit of creativity and no shame :) . ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. . For more workout ideas and inspo, join my little community👆🏽- link in bio!👆🏽. 💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌 Bondi, New South Wales, Australia
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Friendship goals: ❤️ . 💌Be around the people that lift you up, that excite you, that give to you, that call you on your shit, but make you feel loved. . 💌Be around the people who will say no because you need to hear it, yes because you need them to do it, and 'let's go' to impromptu road trips. . 💌Find the people who will love all that you are and unequivocally support all that you're trying to be. . 💌Find your tribe💌 @laura_basta .. so glad I found you! . Link in bio if you wanna join my tribe :) xx Fitness Playground Newtown
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Some things we nail... some things we fail! . Push up claps- ✅ nailed. Stunts/Parkour 101 - ✖️failed. . Sometimes I can convince myself I'm the world best actress, but there's no kidding myself about my current stunt skills. #progress . ⚠️️LANGUAGE WARNING ⚠️️ Bondi Beach
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. 💌Have fun. Express yourself. Buy a dart board.💌 🎯 Bondi Beach
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I call this one: " Sammy the Parkour pleb" 🙈 Let this serve as a reminder .. to be great at something, we must first be very, very, very, very, very bad at it. 😂 Tonight's take-away: 💌It is impossible to be brave and perfect at the same time💌 Xx #dontbeperfectbebrave Stunt Gym Parkour
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I wasn't going to post on social media today, as I was conscious not to post a gratuitous daily post " just because" 🙈 Then... I got this overwhelming surge of excitement and gratitude and I had to share. ( In the name of full expression, right?) . I've had complete strangers today and yesterday message me saying they are excited about the little online community i'm about to form, people are even giving me free advice, helpful links and suggestions already on what they would like to see! 😍😍 I can't Fucking believe that an idea I had 1 week ago has already excited so many people! But more-so that, sooo many people want to support me in building it. "Just because!!" . I am quite an independent little cookie and as a result I don't often lean on people. This has allowed me to feel like I don't have anywhere or anyone to turn to. ❤️Today I am reminded that is soo not true! Support is everywhere if I'm willing to receive it. That notion of me being 'in it alone' is just a silly projection I'm ( my ego is) placing Into the world, to prevent me from receiving and giving out MAJOR GOODNESS!! .🌎. So humbly I say.. thank You for anyone who has reached out in anyway ( including some awesomely positive comments) to help nurture my little idea. I don't know where the future will take me, or it... but I know it was born with good intentions and that can only be pretty solid starting platform! 👊🏻❤️🌎👊🏻❤️🌎🙏🏼 Also... I think really powerful shifts start to happen when you start to recklessly follow your heart and passion... it becomes more and more apparent to me as time goes on that this is just truth. 💌 So get crazy and do something fun and fulfilling today " just because!" #sammyhastheworldslongestposts #sorrynotsorry Sydney, Australia
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Today I did core two ways. Legs up.. and..head down! 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻🏌 . If you're in Sydney come play with me @fitnessplaygroundaus MARRICKVILLE and "Use your bodyweight to lose your bodyweight!"!❤️❤️ . I'm now available for one on one PT and online programs....... and very, VERY soon will be launching an online community(completely for FREE) which anyone can join, to help inspire you with amazing exercises, fitness hacks and some good old fashioned ' fuck yeah, we can do this' motivation which I personally think is lacking in the online community.. I just really wanna create a support group for anyone who wants to be a better person! ☺️ . There will be a strong emphasis on bodyweight training.. (calisthenics, boxing, martial arts, yoga, core, plyometrics) and working holistically with mind and body.. but sooo much more, with heaps of personal advice from me and many other great experts and athletes! . 💪🏽❤️🙏🏼 So. Fucking. Pumped. 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻 #nextlevel Fitness Playground Marrickville
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I think if you can to go to bed at night and be able to say to yourself: 💬 "(Insert name) No matter what happened today, what mistakes you made, what pain you, at your core, truly are a good, good person"💬 Then I think we're winning at life. . If that doesn't resonate with you.. I'd suggest making changes till it does, you'll feel better for it. ❤️xx Bondi, New South Wales, Australia
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Choose love.. I haven't. 🌎 I have been CRAZY STRESSED this last week, (unnecessary stress that I've placed on my self- but none-the-less.. still stress) . I'm wanting to start an online business that empowers people to get fit, love themselves and Reach their full potential, using predominately bodyweight training and mindset shifting. This has stressed me, immensely . But how can something so awesome, something I care so much about cause me so much stress? 😳Because ... I've been looking at it from a place of fear. A place of lack, of 'not enough-ness' Afraid there will be .. .... Not enough support Not enough money Not enough knowledge Not enough interest.. . This caused me so much stress yesterday I didn't even go to training.. 😳 Then I remembered to ask myself one very, very important question. Perhaps one of the most valuable questions, I believe, we can ask ourselves. 💌"What would love do now?" 💌 🙏🏼 So often we are driven by fear.. and we unconsciously allow fear to drive us, instead of consciously driving through powered by the most loving choice. So .. my answer.. LOVE ... Would keep making videos, keep making content, keep speaking my mind, keep training, keep laughing, keep being a source of inspiration for those who need it from me.. and keep getting EXCITED AND ENERGISED By the notion that I am about to start a community, a movement. NOT. A 'business'. Love (once again) has reminded me that I am here to serve, not to take. One simple question asked and I feel damn good again!!' 😍 👊🏻❤️😍👊🏻 ❤️ Ask yourself each moment today. Are you choosing from a place of 'love' or 'fear'... then choose love. If you notice any shifts please please write below. Id LOVE to hear it! Also.. if you know anyone that needs to read this today, tag them. Share the love. Fitness Playground Newtown
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