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•Spiritualist, idealist, feminist, fan of words ending with ist

My mind said 'No you can't' ...but then my body said "Fuck yeah we can!" So we did. 🙏🌞 📸
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2424 | 23 | 17 hours ago
This is 'Sammy the actress'... as you can see on her smug little face, she's pretty much always engaged, getting married or about to be proposed to, right here You can see her AGAIN showing off another engagement ring ... Meanwhile, real Sammy can't even bring herself to go on a date because Netflix has THAT MUCH good content on right now ! 😂 #smuglittlebitch Bondi Beach
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2760 | 68 | 2 days ago
My favourite thing about this picture is that little patch of cellulite-looking skin around the back of my bum. 🍑 Why? Because it's a natural body, a photoshop-free pic and exactly what should happen to fat cells when they get squished together due to a bending of ones leg!! #bereal #embraceyourflaws #woman
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2337 | 70 | 2 days ago
Wow! So that just happened! 💪🏼🙏🎉😎 So about 1 hour ago I realised two things....... 1) I can do one-handed pull ups! #firsttime 2) from @fitbudds exhibits some top-notch camera skills!! 🎥 🌞Saturdays are so much more fun when you're #healthy! Sydney, Australia
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1255 | 50 | 3 days ago
It is known in yogic circles that energetically we store a lot of fear, anxiety and vulnerability in our hips, and by releasing tension in our hips, we, In-turn, release those things that we're holding onto that no longer serve us. ❤️ Clearly, based on that and my visual depiction of me 'releasing'... I'm fearless, free and vulnerable AF! 🤔🌞😂 Ps @tigermuaythai I miss you! #bevulnerable Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp, Phuket, Thailand
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1603 | 29 | 3 days ago
Just Sammy being a sexual predator. 🙈🙊 God I love my job. #homeandaway @homeandaway @channel7
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390 | 25 | 4 days ago
Although still extremely jet lagged.. I just jumped on this puppy just to make sure I still got it.... yeeeah, I still got it. 😋💪🏼 Tag someone who you think should try this! Fitness Playground Marrickville
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1241 | 49 | 5 days ago
I am not proud of my body. I've been told I should be, but I am not. . . I am however, utterly and completely grateful for it, but my gratitude has nothing to do with aesthetics or being 'fit' enough to slot into societies norms of what is deemed "attractive"or "acceptable." 🙈 I am grateful for all it has withstood, despite everything it's been through over the 29 years I've occupied it. 🙊 . I have put it through so much emotional and mental stress, physical and consumptive abuse and many, many internal and external struggles, and it has still loved me enough to heal itself. It has still worked hard enough to restore me back to health. 💪🏼 . I have eaten 'junk' instead of food, put poisons in my lungs, robbed it of sleep, starved it of nutrients and very, very rarely given it any recognition for all it's hard work. . As a society we are so quick to 'show off' our bodies... but we do not show off it's health, we do not show off it's resilience, no, we show off how it LOOKS so we may feel desired, validated by society and for many, to feel sexualised. Now there is nothing wrong with that, but for me, it misses a much,much, much deeper and profound value our bodies have to offer. Which is an insight into unconditional love. 🙏💕 It loves us regardless of what we do to it and how little we love it back. . Even when our bodies' get sick, it's just our body so desperately trying to send us the message "love yourself, nurture yourself, be kind to yourself... for I am crying out in pain for you to be kind to me" So no... I am not proud of my body. I am in absolute awe of it. So too, may we all be. 🙏🌞💕 Fitness Playground Marrickville
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939 | 37 | 6 days ago
Sydney you sexy mistress... I'm coming home to you! Cruising On Sydney Harbour
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1658 | 51 | 1 week ago
💌One of my favourite little vinyasa flows.. along with my #Sunday ponderings....💌 . ❤️️💪🏼❤️️There are so many different forms of strength in this world, but I feel the most important strength (and perhaps the most challenging) is the strength to be yourself in a world which tells you not to be. . 🌏 . "Buy this, be that, don't say that, look like this, don't be emotional, act differently, "blah blah Fucking blah! Throw it all out! Just be yourself, and try your utmost to be a good person. A really really good person. 💕 Your tribe will find you. 🌞Shine brightly bitches! 🌞 #expressyourself #loveyourself #bekind Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp, Phuket, Thailand
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1451 | 47 | 1 week ago
💌Those who are hurt, hurt.. those who are healed, heal 💌 💕 Be a healer. Start with yourself 💕 . #loveyourself #ekapadarajakapotasana . . @katchatzigiannaki thanks for the #inspo 🙏🏼❤️ Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp, Phuket, Thailand
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1702 | 32 | 1 week ago
"Kicking it in Thailand" 🐯 @tigermuaythai 📷@ggorringe Can someone please tell my hands to sort their shit out?? 😂 Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp, Phuket, Thailand
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2691 | 115 | 1 week ago
Cheeky little quick-edit of some drills today with the legend of a coach @sam_bastin 👊🏼 "When two Sammy's collide" 💪🏼 One of the biggest issues for me in boxing is holding tension, and in pads I "pre-empt" a lot... so I found it only fair to add a clip of me doing exactly both of those at the end of the video!! 😂😂 Hashtag of the day #slowdownsammy 😂 📷@catvvarapon 🐯@tigermuaythai Cheers to @rowdev88 for the edit ... Making me look better than I am 😋👌🏼 Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp, Phuket, Thailand
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1847 | 61 | 1 week ago
Be nice to people on the way up, you'll be seeing them again on the way down. 💕
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1243 | 20 | 1 week ago
#tbt This pic was taken just seconds after I'd finished my first ever #salmonladder and moments before I started crying tears of joy! 😅( true story) 😭 . It's just a physical achievement.. but to overcome my mind and to see such progress in such a short amount of time reminds me that I have an incredible ability to overcome whatever is thrown at me. 🙏 Not because I am special, nor because I am better than anyone else, but because I am human and as humans we are designed to adapt. Evolution baby!! 🌍 So start throwing some hard, uncomfortable and confronting shit your way and watch yourself blossom! You awesome little flower you. 🌷 Five Star Fitness Personal and Group Training
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1671 | 37 | 1 week ago
When your character is so unlikeable, you have no choice but to love her! :) ❤️️😍 This is a little clip I like to call... "A self indulgent actress playing a self indulgent actress" 😂😂 #nailedit #actress #comedy #meangirls
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616 | 29 | 2 weeks ago
When you can't decide if you wanna do a pull up, L-sit, isometric hold, side to side kicks or Diver kicks.....just do them all in one and get it done in 15 seconds! Hahahah😂 😂 ( Probs could have done a few more pull ups and kicks but whatevs, was just a demo.) 💪🏼 💕Do 5 sets though and your core and arms will thank you! #thelazyworkout 📷@roksa101 Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp, Phuket, Thailand
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1901 | 66 | 2 weeks ago
Because sometimes... you just wanna look like Danaerys. 🐲🐉 #notamodel
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1438 | 50 | 2 weeks ago
When Jimmy met Sammy...he benched her. 😂 💪🏼 @jtstrengthandfitness 🐯@tigermuaythai . . . Remember guys... fitness is meant to be fun! You're not gonna keep doing something you don't enjoy, so find a way to move that makes you happy ... love the shit out of it and then just keep doing it! . 💌Do ONE thing today that is good for your body, 💌Do ONE thing today that is good for your mind 💌Do ONE thing today that is good for your soul.... 🙏🏼 Or... just go get benched by a Jimmy and get all three sorted at once 😂 Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp, Phuket, Thailand
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1678 | 45 | 2 weeks ago
💌Keep your head high, heart open, legs moving and mind still 💌 ❤️ Sammy xx The Big Buddha Phuket Thailand พระใหญ่เมืองภูเก็ต
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1550 | 31 | 2 weeks ago
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