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Photo by @salvarezphoto (Stephen Alvarez) Four negative and one positive hand prints in a cave in San Juan County, Utah. Handprints have to be the most ubiquitous form of rock art. I've seen them the world over. They might be the original selfie. They are certainly the original signature and first story. Hand prints are the first sign that "I was here." For more info on my massive project documenting the world's oldest art follow the link in my profile @salvarezphoto #handprint #cave #utah #ancientartarchive
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Photo by @FransLanting // King penguins strut during a characteristic courtship display that involves one partner leading another in a stiff-backed walk while the head sways from side to side. Such displays often prompt other unpaired birds to join in. For the penguins it’s a solemn affair, but for human observers it’s endlessly entertaining to see how these graceful birds go about their courtship. I photographed this quartet in the majestic wilderness of South Georgia Island in the Southern Ocean. Follow me@FransLanting to see the amazing masses of king penguins and their chicks on South Georgia. @natgeo @natgeocreative @natgeotravel #Penguins #Courtship #Nature #Attitude #WildlifePhotography #picoftheday
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Photo: @ivankphoto // #WalkingtheLAwash // #NicoleandMarkLAwash // Nicole and Mark prepare to shoot heroin in back of a gas station in #Reseda, #LA. They had been in and out of countless rehabs. Their whole day revolved around panhandling and pulling together money for the next bag. The couple often talked about cleaning up, getting an apartment, and owning a cat, but these days were spent between Jack in the Box, the 99 cent store, and wherever they could score more heroin. Nicole and Mark are now in sober living houses and have jobs at a call center. #runaflirts, @panospictures, @thephotosociety, @runa_photos
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Photo by @rezaphotography // The Disciples of the Sun #Lauragais, #France. While I was spending several months travelling through the south of France gathering material for a book for National Geographic, I decided to spend a few of those weeks with my family on the road. As an adolescent, I had been a devotee of the painter Van Gogh and had admired reproductions of his paintings I discovered in magazines. We had an imposing volume of his works at home that we had often given to our children when they were small so that they could also be inspired by his unique sense of color. That summer, his works came to life as they discovered fields of sunflowers, disciples of the sun, that stretched as far as the eye could see. Text written by Rachel Deghati. #sunflower #sunflowerfield #nature #flower #flowerstagram #flowery #yellow #familytrip #flowergram #french #midiPyrenees #picoftheday #igers #photooftheday #photojournalism #reza #rezaphoto #rezadeghati #rezaphotography #rezaphotojournalist #webistan #رضادقتى#عكاس @thephotosociety
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Photo @lucianocandisani (Luciano Candisani). This 7 meters long female anacondas was strangling the much smaller males after sex. Scientists knew this behavior but there was no recorded image on it until the time of this photo I made while scuba diving in a swamp in the Bodoquena Plateau, in central Brazil. The full story is National Geographic website: The image is part of my Underwear Gardens story to be published in the April edition of National Geographic Brasil. @natgeo @ngbrasil @lucianocandiani @ilcp_photographers #conservation #conservação #expedition #expedição #bonito #bodoquena #fotografia #photography #nationalgeographic #snake #cobra #candisani #ecologia #lucianocandisani #animais #wildlife #nature #natureza #fauna #animais #brazil #brasil #repteis #anaconda #sucuri #agua #freshwater #rio #river #swamp
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Photo by @brianlehmannphotography - Rice fields surrounded by #mountains near Barruppu, Sulawesi, #Indonesia. To see another #unique mountain photo follow @brianlehmannphotography.
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This week’s photo contest, hosted by @AlamoRentACar and judged by @melissafarlow, is all about spring travel. As the ground thaws and the temperatures become less frigid, we’re spending our time imagining our next trips, and we’re eager to hear what spring adventures you have in store. Share a photo that evokes excitement about spring using the hashtags #TPSMySpring, #TPScontest, @ThePhotoSociety and @AlamoRentACar. Two Grand Prize winners will each receive a $500 American Express Gift Card. Click here for full Terms & Conditions: #sponsored. Photo by Melissa Farlow.
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Photo by @davidalanharvey | I've had more than a few adventures the last 5 weeks shooting/mentoring in Cuba and Puerto Rico, then ending with seminars in the U.K. Yet nothing beats coming home to this. Wizards of social media tell me I shouldn't put my sentimental family pictures on my IG. Yet I can't help it. Those of you who track me here well know I've had some great muses for my BeachGames work, yet sweet Lyla,3, just has to be my top model of all. Mom Michelle and dad Bryan have a bundle of energy and creativity and intelligence on their hands. They have big responsibilities. I have the incredible luxury of simply observing. Travel to exotic places is of course exhilarating, but my front porch is as far as I need to go for a bit. Birds sing, the afternoon light warms, and Lyla's laugh goes straight to my heart, remembered now forever.
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Photograph by Michael Yamashita @yamashitaphoto - Red clad kids from the Tajik village of Akmiqit heading for the village well to fetch the days water for cooking. From my exhibition, The Silk Road Journey at the Jimmy Carter Library in Atlanta, Georgia, open thru Wednesday. #xinjiang #china @thesilkroadjourney @natgeo @natgeocreative
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Photograph by @andyparkinsonphoto/@thephotosociety Mountain hare running straight towards me – This represents yet another one of those serendipitous moments in wildlife photography that can never be planned for. We had crested the top a hill on this morning and noticed a hare sitting some distance ahead of us, in what seemed like an endless sea of white. It’s important in these situations to be as unobtrusive as possible as so we all gently lowered ourselves to the floor, not only decreasing our size and our human like form but also creating a lower perspective which gave the resulting images a more intimate feel. After a few minutes the hare, now completely relaxed, decided to run straight toward us and it was then that I was able to capture this image. Working sensitively and with compassion is vital with these fantastic creatures, as is an understanding of the pressures and challenges that they face every day just to survive. They are astonishingly hardy, adaptable creatures but it is still vital to remember that they exist on the very margins of survival and that, wherever possible, our impact in their world is kept to an absolute minimum. As such, when working with them it is vital to try and blend gently into their habitat, approaching them at all times cautiously, respectfully and to absolutely minimise any potential disturbance. Do this and the trust that you can elicit from them is astonishing. For those that might be interested in experiencing these hares for themselves, working only in the way that I have described, then I’ll be in Scotland to work exclusively with these hares from January 20th 2018 until February 25th 2018. You can either join me for one day, two, three or as many as you’d like. Places will be on a strict first come first serve basis and I’ll only be leading a maximum of two people into the mountains per day as this way there is no compromise on the quality of your experience. You can get more details by emailing me at and you can #follow my work at @andyparkinsonphoto @thephotosociety @natgeo @natgeocreative #mountainhare #andysphototours #phototips #ethicsbeforeimages #nature #naturelovers #wildlife
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Photo by @joepetersburger / @thephotosociety // WHOOSH! // Male bee-eater departs to catch another insect to satisfy his mate remaining on the twig. Remember my previous posts on bee-eaters, where male feeds the female hoping to get mating opportunity? She is good in calculus, so male needs to hunt again, and again, until she is satisfied... For this moment I used slow exposure speed to illustrate the dinamism of the takeoff. This shot might look familiar for those of you who have Apple TV. Yes, it one of the screensaver images. Mating game story of these amazing birds is part two of my lectures available to order: „Europe’s Flying Gems” – about colorful birds’ behavior in Europe, and „Babel & Babelina” – about male and female communication of humans and other animals. Please #followme at @joepetersburger to keep up-to-date with my images! @natgeo @natgeocreative @natgeotravel @natgeofineart @thephotosociety @canonusa @canonuk#joepetersburger #natgeo #moment #canon #educateandinspire #findbeautyeveryday #behavior #flight
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Photo by @FransLanting // A handful of visitors is vastly outnumbered by the astonishing concentration of king penguins that gather on South Georgia Island’s Salisbury Plain every year. Brown chicks are mixed with adults ready to start a next breeding cycle. Follow me @FransLanting for more amazing images and stories of this Antarctic wildlife spectacle. @natgeo @natgeocreative @natgeotravel #Penguins #Nature #Awesome #picoftheday #Wild
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Petroglyphs in Comb Wash, Utah Time lapse by @salvarezphoto (Stephen Alvarez) Comb Wash runs through the heart of the Bears Ears National Monument. The floor of the wash is sprinkled with boulders that have fallen from the heights of Comb Ridge. Certain boulders seem to stand out within the landscape. Inevitably those rocks are carved with petroglyphs. Its a basic human instinct to mark our passage. I have an archaeologist friend who says that what people are doing with those carvings is making the landscape sacred. The landscape of the Bears Ears has thousands of petroglyphs and pictographs, it certainly feels sacred. The landscape is beautiful and open and empty. It also belongs to all Americans. Lets work to keep it that way. #standwithbearsears #bearsears #utah #ancientartarchive
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Photo by @jasperdoest // Storks foraging on a local landfill site in Spain, where water is being sprayed over the waste in order to dilute the acids that are being released during the waste decomposition. It was sobering to think of the symbol of new life carving a home in human waste. It is clear that the European white stork population has thrived as a result of this continuous food source, this is about change. While the storks have become largely depended on food leftovers in our municipal waste, even changing their migratory paths, this is about to change. With the new European Union legislations on waste management, a lot of these open landfills are about to disappear. A great development. But on its own only a short-term solution. We need to start making efforts on a different level within the chain. Recycling at the end of the chain is not solving the problem as long as we're still overproducing. And what about the storks? They became addicted to junkfood. Where will they go? What will happen is still unclear. We've created a's time to start thing about long-term solutions and clean up while we still can. @thephotosociety @natgeo @natgeoexpeditions @natgeoesp @natgeonl #whitestork #birds #landfill #wasteland #anthropocene #waste #plastic #1f4n #sustainability
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Photo by @hiddenwwi // This WWI underground city provided shelter for hundreds of young American soldiers from New England. They were modern people like us. They missed home, missed family and missed their girlfriends. We will never know if this soldier made it home to his girl. This underground city was an underground stone quarry for centuries before WWI. There is a beautiful carving of Saint Lawrence, created by quarryman in the 16th Century, that could easily be in a museum. The city is a hundred acres in size and lies beneath a beautiful French farm field. From the surface, you would never know it’s there. This site was featured in the recently aired Smithsonian Channel documentary “Americans Underground: Secret City of WWI”. The show will air again on March 25th. This photograph will be part of an upcoming 19 month exhibition of my work at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum in Washington, D.C.. The show opens April 6th. #history#hiddenwwi#wwi#hidden#smithsonian#europe#france
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Photo by @jimmy_chin // Roadside horse show in Kananaskis Country, Alberta. #ontheroad #offlocation @thephotosociety
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Photograph by @andyparkinsonphoto/@thephotosociety Mountain hare exposed in a warming world - For the 10th anniversary of Earth Hour, I’m joining the #MakeClimateMatter online community. During my recent month long trip to work with Scotland’s mountain hares the unusual and disturbing lack of snow cover in the mountains made it clear to me that, not only is the warming climate adding yet another pressure to the already challenging existence of these valuable herbivores but that it’s becoming increasingly vital for photographers on the ground to reflect these dramatic climate shifts through our images. As such, over the next 2-3 days I’ll be posting some of my recent mountain hare images on my own page @andyparkinsonphoto, images that both reflect and draw attention to this alarming trend. Evolved over the millennia to blend seamlessly with their wintry habitats these hares are now left exposed, increasingly vulnerable to predation and absent of the camouflage that has served them so well. Where once the whitest coat proved to be the greatest asset it’s presence now potentially represents the greatest threat. These icons of our countryside, our only native hare species, are facing threats from all sides and so, as part of my ongoing work with WWF I’d be enormously grateful if you’d consider clicking the link in my bio to add your voice at You can also use the hashtag #MakeClimateMatter and help to spread the word. Earth Hour is the world’s biggest movement for action on climate change and so please do sign up to take part on 25th March at 8.30pm at For more updates then you can also #followme at @andyparkinsonphoto #MakeClimateMatter #getinvolved #makeadifference #addyourvoice
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Photo by @cookjenshel On World Water Day we are reminded of the all-important need for everyone on Earth to have access to clean and safe drinking water. In India, the task of gathering a family’s water needs is delegated to women and girls – who have to walk great distances with heavy loads several times a day – often in extreme heat. It is a dangerous job. Here in America, our safe water could be imperiled by threatened cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency, please let your representatives know how important your clean and safe drinking water is. #worldwaterday
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Photo by @anniegriffithsphotography for @rippleeffectimages // Lourdes Pilco has used the veterinary training she received from CARE Peru to become a local leader in her community. Although she enjoys her new position, her proudest achievement was when she was able to send both of her children to college - something she was never able to do. #photography #CARE #humans #Peru #animals #lamb #momoftheyear
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Photo by @gordonwiltsie // The majestic summits of Montana's Glacier National Park hover above the forest. This view was so ethereal when I saw it that it seemed like a watercolor. #landscape #mountains #glaciernationalpark #montana
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